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At Cohesion, we aim to provide a first class service to all users, be it for home business or educational purposes.

For home users, we offer a range of services including consultancy, management and repair. We like to think that no matter what problem a user has, we treat them with the same enthusiasm as any other.

We know that everyday users can’t always understand the technical jargon that relates to their computer equipment, so we will strive to translate this language so that users can understand.

For businesses, we offer extensive services that provide the peace of mind that is required. For a low monthly fee, we can undertake a maintenance contract where any repairs, maintenance and consultancy are carried out onsite at any time of the day. The contracts also provides a discount on any purchases of hardware or software that may be required.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Collect and Return

Cohesion will collect your laptop for repair and when the problem has been fixed we will deliver it to you.

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